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Depending on how well maintained your property is, we are able to carry out all annual maintenance and improvement work that you require we can even forward our recommendations or those of guest.  

Around the home or small business

Job too big for you and too small for large established company, then give me a try, all types of Electrical work undertaken, from replacing a fuse to rewiring the home or business.

Feed up of having to reel out an extension lead each time you vacuum, have that additional socket out let installed. Need to rearrange you living style but the sockets are in the wrong place, I can move them call for a quote.

Need to up grade you electrical services? Perhaps need a new fuse board or worried about using those electrical appliances outside? Standalone RCCD socket outlets can be fitted to give that extra protection call for a quote.

I can also carry out Portable appliance and electrical safety testing

Not just electrical work required don't worry I can carry out all types of the following:

Tiling, laminate flooring, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, plastering, painting internal and external, and papering.

From a pile of old pipes into a refreshing shower

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